The past…and now

Despite my history with people…from being strangers to being best of friends…then going back to strangers…
Is usually the worst feeling ever but we all have to grow up and figure out what’s best for our future.
We all just need to wait for the right people. It’s not only for the right one (man or woman) but also for the right people to enjoy our time with. To cry…to be able to have steady and crazy convo. :)
I’ll wait and will wait. But for now I think my new friends are people I love enjoying my time with.


There are so many fruits you haven’t tasted

so many beautiful songs you have not discovered

spices you’ve never heard of 

and intriguing conversations you haven’t had 

there are oceans you have not felt 

and plants you’ve never seen

books you’ve never read

and souls your heart has not touched

this Earth is incredible.


The Faces of Waffles The Corgi:

  1. Chipmunk
  2. Beagle
  3. Pirate
  4. Happy Yawn
  5. Lamb
  6. Squishy Face
  7. Rabbit
  8. Lion
  9. SnaggleTooth
  10. Greyhound

ZodiacChic Post:Gemini 859

No one can promise they’ll never hurt you, because at one time or another they will. The real promise is if the time you spent together will be worth the pain in the end.


(Source: ispeakquotes)

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